Nobar Spider-Man Homecoming Bareng OPPO

Pada 20 juni 2017, OPPO merilis warna terbaru dari perangkat ini, Black Edition. Untuk mempromosikan perangkat ini, OPPO bekerjasama dengan Sony Pictures untuk melakukan kerjasama promosi pada  nonton banteng Premier Spider-Man : Homecoming, Selasa (4/7/2017) di Gandaria City.

Selain promosi di film Spider-Man : Homecoming, bagi konsumen yang telah melakukan pembelian OPPO F3 untuk meraih kesempatan mendapatkan limited collection pack Spider-Man : Homecoming. Limited collection pack Spider-Man : Homecoming ini bisa diperoleh oleh konsumen yang melakukan pembelian OPPO F3, baik yang berwana Gold, Rose Gold, Reza Rahadian limited Edition dan juga Black Edition pada periode Mei hingga Juli 2017.
20170704_172752.jpgBagaimana cara memperolehnya? Konsumen cukup mengikuti langkah – langkah yang disyaratkan OPPO melalui website : Untuk mengikuti aktivitas ini, konsumen diwajibkan untuk mengunggah foto selfie terbaiknya yang diambil dengan menggunakan kamera OPPO F3. Periode aktifitas ini berlangsung mulai 3 Juli dan berakhir pada 16 Juli 2017. Ada 500 limited collection pack Spider-Man : Homecoming yang bisa diperebutkan oleh konsumen OPPO F3.
OPPO tau film yang ditunggu-tunggu penggemar Spider-Man. Oleh karena itu, kesempatan akan tayangnya film superhero tersebut dijadikan ajang OPPO dalam promosi OPPO F3 Black Edition. Selain promosi, OPPO juga memberikan nilai tambah bagi konsumen yang telah melakukan pembelian OPPO F3 untuk meraih kesempatan mendapatkan limited collection pack Spider-Man : Homecoming.
Sore itu para undangan sudah memenuhi XXI di Gandaria City. Film mulai pukul 20.00 WIB. Ngga sabar melihat Peter Parker (Tom Holland) beraksi.
Review film Spider-Man bisa di klik di

Spider-Man Homecoming Review
Yang menarik, OPPO selalu memberi kejutan disetiap acara promosinya. Kali ini, usai film, dua undangan berhasil memenangkan 2 unit OPPOF3.
Semoga lain kali saya lebih beruntung.. Aminn…


OPPO Opening Pre-Order F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition

Jakarta, June 9, 2017 – In the event of Breaking Fast with Reza Rahadian which took place at Sheraton Gandaria Jakarta. The event was attended by bloggers, media and fans of Reza Rahardian named PilaRez. The atmosphere of the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom in Gandaria City was already crowded before the event began. Why? Because the guest star in the show is Reza Rahardian. Reza Rahardian’s fans cheered as their idol stars came.

20170609_170739.jpgOPPO began to open pre-order F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition which will be sold through modern retailer, Erafone. Pre-order starting from June 9-16, 2017 through offline on Erafone outlet and online OPPO provides 600 units of limited edition devices ready to ship to potential buyers from June 17-21, 2017.

20170609_191049Alinna Wenxin, Brand Manager of OPPO Indonesia said,”We are very proud to be launching a special edition device by partnering with Indonesia’s leading actor who is also our Self Expert Member, Reza Rahadian. Reza was chosen because of the commitment and hard work shown in every performance he presents, the same principles and values ​​we always emphasize in every product we offer to the people. We are confident that this latest device will be well received and receive positive response from the people of Indonesia ,”

The special offer from F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition

20170609_170603F3 Reza Rahadian Limited Edition has a solid black color with laser engraved Reza Rahadian signature carved on the back. In addition, what makes it special is that every consumer who purchases this device will also get prizes in the form of exclusive gift boxes containing collectible items like Reza Rahadian agenda, magnet and postcard special Reza Rahadian.

20170609_191459.jpgAs the Selfie Expert Member selected in this edition, Reza Rahadian himself responded positively to the presence of this device. Reza is very concerned about the presence of a device that can record every moment of togetherness with all the crew and other players with a group of selfie.

As a “Selfie Expert – Dual Selfie Camera” the OPPO F3 brings the advantages:

  • a dual front camera (one lens with 16 megapixel resolution for selfie and one lens with 8 megapixel resolution for selfie group)
  • Wide angle 120 °
  • From the specs, OPPO equips this device with an octa-core Processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64GB Internal
  • MicroSD up to 128GB
  • The same price, which is Rp 4.399.000
  • OPPO hopes with the presence of this new color attract consumers to F3 and make F3 as the best choice to do group selfie on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

About OPPO

20170609_170147.jpgMedia Engagement of OPPO Aryo Meidianto A said that over the past 10 years, OPPO has been focusing on the development of smartphone cameras, through technological breakthroughs with innovations in mobile photography. OPPO started the selfie era with facelift features, and was the first brand to launch a smartphone with a 5MP and 16MP front camera. OPPO is also the first brand to introduce automatic rotating camera, Ultra HD features and 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology. The Selfie Expert F Series launched in 2016 drive the selfie trend in the smartphone industry.

By 2016, OPPO is ranked # 4 smartphone globally, according to IDC data. And today, OPPO provides the best smartphone photography experience for over 100 million customers from young people around the world.

OPPO Indonesia has a positive performance, Per June 2017 already has 27 thousand employees are in the factory about 3,000. With the production of 1 million units / month, OPPO already has 106 service centers from the target of 200 service centers in 2018. While the OPPO store reaches 172, from the projected target of 200 OPPO stores in 2017.

According to OPPO’s internal team held a survey on May 2017, with 500 respondents spread across Sumatra, Jabodetabek, Kalimantan and parts of Eastern Indonesia. Users of OPPO F3 are divided into 48% male and 52% female, with 75% percentage under 30 years old / productive age. Consideration buy OPPO f3, as much as 40% consider the front camera, only 2% consider the price. Based on that survey, 91.96% of consumers are satisfied with OPPO F3 front camera, while 94.35% of consumers find this feature very useful.